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This month’s theme is explore.  You can explore the past, and read about ancient, modern or own your family history (who knows what skeletons you may find rattling around in the closet!).

Explore the present. The here and now, fact and fiction. You might like to explore a genre you haven’t read before.  If you usually read romance, try reading adventure, or about pirates!  Why not read more about  Australian explorers, or explore something you’ve always wanted to learn more about.

Explore the endless possibilities of the future.  Now’s the time to read some science fiction, with its fantastic yet possible and plausible worlds and futures.

Explore new technologies to find new ways to read. Download a book and read it on an ereader, follow your favourite authors on twitter, find some facts in databases, or in an e-textbook on your tablet.  Use your smartphone to read about the latest breaking news as it happens. Explore our world.

Are you planning a holiday? Explore some new countries and cultures by reading a travel guide, or  try learning a new language-oui? Explore what’s out there, whether its the outback of Australia or outer space. Explore everything and anything. If its out there, you can read about it.

Dog teams scouting a way to the land, 1915 / photographed by Frank Hurley

When you are exploring reading, you might like to tweet using #NYR12 so that other people can have a conversation with you about your reading.

As well there will be a live twitter discussion 30 October starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (and lasting until about 10.00pm Western Standard Time).  Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss your explorations.

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  1. November 26, 2012 4:48 pm


    In October, Dundas Chinese reading group has discussed the NYR reading theme ‘Explore’.
    Some of the members simultaneously explored books or articles on health or medicine. One expressed the concerns regarding Chinese medicine and felt it was not necessary for everyone to take the same supplement, just because one thing is good for one person does not mean it is also good for the others. Same thing applies to food; food that is good for one person might harm others.
    Someone felt that the older people should pay more attention to their wellbeing and physical changes. One should seek the medical attention in the earliest time if anything unusual happens.
    Someone mentioned that as an old person she would do three keeps and three lows – keep time, keep quantity and keep quality (of food); low sugar, low fat and low salt.
    Someone said that a healthy body wasn’t only about long life span but also the quality of life, and the relationship with the next generations, especially one’s own children.
    Someone, however, explored a different book, as Sun Zi’s ‘The art of war’ which has been translated into many other languages. He said the book wasn’t only about war and war strategies but it’s benefits to general life for everyone because it’s full of life wisdom and makes one think.
    Someone started to explore iPad as a new reading tool and she found it was very good. She even joked that iPad was better than having a husband. Using iPad to read, to open one’s eyes, she felt she could follow the latest technology as well as communicate with the younger generation on the similar topics.


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