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What have you discovered in your reading?

Have you solved mysteries and crimes (in fiction or real life)?  Have you discovered new authors, or old favourites?

Have you discovered the cutting edge ideas in science, technology and science fiction?

Have you used Trove to discover the past and to think about future discoveries?

What reading has helped you discover cooking, fishing, exploring your sexuality, home brewing, and so much more.

How has reading helped you explore your community and places all around the world?

What discovery relating to your reading are you most intrigued by?

What have you discovered by reading twitter?

Jongens bezig met het steken van asperges / Boys harvesting asparagus

When you are doing your discovery, you might like to tweet using #NYR12 so that other people can have a conversation with you about your reading.

There will also be a live twitter discussion 31 July starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (and lasting until about 10.00pm Western Standard Time).  Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss your discover reading.

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  1. August 10, 2012 12:34 pm

    七月主题 发现/探索

    Dundas图书馆的中文阅读小组在七月份的会议上,讨论了阅读主题“发现”或 “探索”。







    In July, the Dundas Branch Library Chinese reading group discussed the National Year of Reading theme – Discover.

    One member discovered ‘Love’ from reading ‘Walk by Love’, a story about Mother Teresa. How she helped a lot of people, especially those living in poverty and in pain. Through her love for all people, the reader discovered what a great heart and soul she was.

    Another member discovered ‘Dignity’ by reading ‘The Ugly Chinese’ written by Bo Yang. She discovered injustice and the dark side of Chinese history. Her afterthought was that people should change their ugly behaviours to stay more dignified.

    Another member discovered the close relationship between Chinese politics and personal fate by reading the stories of Zhang Hanzhi and Qiao Guanhua. Qiao was a highly ranked Foreign Minister, yet he could not escape the political tragedy in his personal life. The uncertainty and cruelty of Chinese politics should be changed.

    Another member discovered history by reading some historical material. She thought reading made her more aware of historical views. Even for famous people like Mao Zedong and Jiang Jiashi, their lives and stories are more complicated than they seem.

    Another member discovered that she wasn’t the only one who suffered from a personal identity crisis by reading ‘The results of coming to America’. As a migrant, she felt she was no longer recognised as a Chinese by Chinese people in China, yet here in Australia she is identified as a Chinese rather than Australian. Reading made her more aware about identity.

    The final member discovered the connection between religious faith and the market economy. Some people are willing to do whatever it takes to make money. Whether it be inflicting pain on others. The reader thought people with faith act more ethically in economic activities. That’s because they are more controlled and have better moral.

    Overall, the opinion was that reading leads to discoveries which can help provoke thought. This in itself can result in more discoveries.


  1. Discover July | Sues Bent

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