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I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine, so to ensure we all stay in optimum health, enabling us to read more, this month’s theme is laugh. Did you know that laughter stimulates five different parts of the brain, so reading something humorous can actually help keep your brain from aging? (another good reason to read something fun!). We can be laughing with humour, joy, embarrassment, or even nervous laughter.

What kind of reading makes you laugh?

Do you like black humour, comedy, joke books, satire or parody?

Are you giggling, chuckling, snuffling a laugh or laughing out loud?

While you are reading the things that make you laugh, you might like to tweet about what you are reading using #NYR12 so that other people can have a conversation with you about your reading, and join you in laughing.

There will be a live twitter discussion on February 28th starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (and lasting until about 10.00pm Western Standard Time).  Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss the reading that makes you laugh, so others can join in the conversation too.

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  1. January 31, 2012 9:48 am

    I do love to laugh and always feel uplifted when reading, especially when you are surprised by subtle humour .

  2. Rachel permalink
    March 5, 2012 10:48 am

    Whenever I want to laugh out loud, I read the latest Janet Evanovich – the ludicrous and helpless situations of the main character Stephanie Plum (Bond Enfoprcement Agent) and her ex-pro sidekick Lulu have me in stitches!


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