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The last post… love2read2012

December 24, 2012




Well it’s the end of the National Year of Reading. We’ve celebrated reading, read a LOT, put many more on our to-read lists, tweeted about what we’ve read and then read some more. Now it’s the end of 2012, but NOT the end of reading. Before we get to that though…

To those who contributed to the love2read blog, we send you all a big thank you for your contributions, your personal insights, suggestions and humour.

To those of you who supported the love2read blog by reading it, using it in your library and recommending it to others to read, we also send you a very big thank you and hope you enjoyed our monthly offerings.

To everyone who tweeted and followed the NSW Readers Advisory Working Groups’ journey through the twitterscape this year, we hope you have enjoyed our endeavours.

We have absolutely loved the friendships we’ve made, the collaborations we have worked on and the fun we’ve had doing it all. We have travelled NSW physically, and the world (and further even) online.

Christmas came early to my house today and my daughter gave me a small pottery disc with these words of Cicero stamped onto it:

“If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.”

I do and I do. Well, I’m still arguing with the (no longer baby) rabbits about ownership of the lettuce and herbs, but as a garden it will do, and I will share. As for a library, I’m just spoilt for choice. I mean there were over 80 suggestions of books, authors, films and websites just on last month’s twitter conversation stream. My only constraint is lack of time.

So as the National Year of Reading winds down, and the holiday season starts, we hope you are also spoilt for choice, and partly because of us. The NSW Readers Advisory blog will continue enthusiastically in 2013 at We invite you to join us as we read, watch, play, blog, tweet and share our way through another year.

The January theme for our new blog for 2013 is Re Read. Why not plan to re-vist some old favourites, or introduce them to others. I’m considering my list, I’m on holidays, oh joy of joys, more time to read and I’ll even give the rabbits a reprieve, no time to waste arguing with them!

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness this Christmas. We’ll see you in 2013 at our new address

Until then, Happy reading, watching and playing from us all,

Helen, Jenn, Ellen, Vassiliki, Cathy, Amy, Monique and Therese

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