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What do you love to read?

December 1, 2012

What do you love to read?

Is it

  • devouring a book cover to cover, and then starting at the beginning again
  • poring through each recipe, and the stories in between
  • exploring the repair manual so you can fix your car
  • discovering the story in the game so you understand the game
  • watching the episodic movie breaks between one game level and the next to experience the story
  • tweets
  • blogs
  • signs
  • information to get stuff done
  • information for fun
  • in any format any time
  • facts and figures
  • lifesaving or death defying
  • therapeutic
  • relaxing
  • searching flickr images
  • flicking through pages, just reading a few words
  • watching the faces in the crowd as an author/storyteller engages the audience in their story
  • reading in games

Is it

  • fun, sad, traumatic, confusing, fast, slow, episodic, continual
  • collaborative
  • participatory
  • exclusive
  • inclusive

I’m reading when I check my email, I’m reading while I download songs, I’m reading when I sort my bills from the ones I must pay now to the ones that can wait a little longer. The act of reading is an everyday activity. The act of taking time out to read the story behind the recipe, the description of the engine space, the context of the game (eg, in Alan Wake you collect manuscript pages and reading them enhances the context of the game, and may also provide hints as to what may be coming up shortly in the game-play).

I read while I’m driving, not just street signs and maps but also the behaviour of the cars/drivers around me – are they going to pass or not? I’m also reading fuel gauges and speedos to provide added context to my driving.

Is is reading on paper, on a screen (computer, e-book reader, tablet, phone), on t-shirts, signs, buildings. What do you love2read?

Where do you love2read? What do you love2read?

READ - Week 8 Weekday Shot (15/104) - 52 Week Project

When you are reading what you love2read, you might like to tweet using #NYR12 so that other people can have a conversation with you about your reading.

As well there will be a live twitter discussion 18 December starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss what you have loved reading this year.

And don’t worry the twitter reading group will continue in 2013. Head over to the Read Watch Play blog to see what is happening. There’s plenty more reading to be done.

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  1. December 1, 2012 9:13 am

    Never stop. Love2Read always, everything, everywhere.

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