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It is time to stop questioning and time to absorb the words

August 30, 2012

? by Flickr user: florianmarquartEverywhere I go, I question.

I walk down the street and I question the intent of those that walk past me. I receive a bill, I will read through it and decide whether it represents my actual spending or usage or whether I need to investigate the figures I see on the page.

I watch the news on television and I question who is the owner of this particular channel that I am watching, what is their greater agenda and how does that impact upon the interpretation that I am receiving.

If am given a diagnosis, I will explore it further.

If I am given a book to read, I will question: who else likes it, what do the reviews say, can I rely on these reviews, how many star ratings did it get, who is the author, do I like the values that they stand for, do I want to continue reading a book when I find out the author has behaved in questionable ways, whether it is trying to pass fiction off as a memoir, whether it is to try to garner high rankings on review sites by paying for reviewers or upon finding out that their personal lives are a sordid mess of affairs.

And that is the moment that I distance the creator from the creation. I stop questioning the intent. I don’t investigate the production. For there are times that I want to forget the relationship that anyone else has had with a written work. That it is time to stop questioning and allow myself to absorb the words in front of me and discover my own relationship with the text.


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