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the twitter reading group continues in 2013

August 29, 2012
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Are you enjoying the twitter reading group so much that you don’t want it to end? Don’t worry, it will continue in 2013.
words / palabras / 言葉

The themes for next year are;

January – #reread

February – #heartread

March – #ecoread

April- #crimeread

May – #indigiread

June – #faraway

July – #artread

August – #furread

September – #historyread

October – #egoread

November – #moreads

December – #endings

Make sure you are following the Read watch play blog, so you don’t miss a post.  We won’t be posting much there until 2013, but we want you to be ready for another year of twitter reading, watching and playing discussions.  We will use our Read Watch Play account on twitter so follow that too.

Next year, since it won’t be the National Year of Reading, we will move to a new hashtag #rwpchat which stands for read, watch, play, chat.  Make sure you read our post about What is reading so you can see where this idea has come from.

We hope you will join in the discussion next year too, and would like to thank all the keen readers and tweeters who have been with us since January 2011 too.

There are lots of interesting themes to take us to the end of this year

August – Question

September – Grow

October – Explore

November – Cry

December – Love2Read

so please keep reading and tweeting.

As with #readit2011 and #nyr12 the NSW Readers Advsiory working group will continue tweeting and blogging and sharing reading experiences …… @13helenc @amyheap @ellenforsyth @CatyJ @vaveros @wateryone, Monique and @theresescott1.

Huge thanks to all the library workers from across NSW (and elsewhere) who helped provide ideas and themes for these reading groups. A big thank you to everyone who has joined in our monhtly discussions, we look forward to meeting even more of you next year in 2013. And a final thanks to all our guest bloggers from around the globe.

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  1. February 14, 2013 7:42 am

    This is positively among the more remarkable
    sites I’ve seen. It is so easy to get jaded, but there is honestly some lovely material on the net, and I feel your blog is on the short list!


  1. we #love2read with new partners in 2013 «

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