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Reading hour is today

August 25, 2012

Comic Cadáver Exquisito

The idea of celebrating reading hour today is to remind people of the importance of reading to children, so that children become better readers.

If you are looking for some other ideas about how you could enjoy a reading hour today have a look at our earlier blog post (just so that everyone is included in reading hour).

If you are tweeting about reading hour don’t forget to use #readinghour and #nyr12 so that other people can join in your conversation about #reading.

So, have you worked out what you will be reading, where and with whom?  Will you be reading on a train, or in a park, or on a bus or a boat, or in a cafe,  a pub, a garden, or at home?  Will you be reading with family, with friends, or with strangers?  And the really tough question is what will you be reading?  Will you be reading from paper, or from a screen? There are lots of questions – just as well the theme this month is #question.

While reading hour is only on the calendar today make sure you add some reading to your calendar every day.

I hope you have a wonderful reading hour.


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