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But why?

August 22, 2012

Why is the bird flying?

Why is the moon out? It’s his bedtime.

Why? Why? But why?

It’s incessant isn’t it? We desperately wait for our children to utter their first words, then they start with all the questions. Questions that they believe you can answer. Immediately. As responsible adults, we usualy feel the answers should also be appropriate and in some cases, very diplomatic. But is that the they’re looking for?

For factual answers, access to internet services makes it all too easy. A follow up visit to your local library for that book on spiders, dragons, satellite systems and tigers is a must.

Now the moon, it’s responsible for lots of things. Tides, werewolves, bad behaviour at full moon time, baying dogs, all well documented.

But  why is it still out at midday? The scientific answer doesn’t appeal to the two year old I know, so after lots of other suggestions, it appears “he forgot to go to bed” is the only answer that will suffice. Silly moon. Yes, the silly moon is also a “he”. Why you question? Well, apparently,  he just is.

Just like my dad’s advice was right. Never stop questioning.


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