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How are you going to spend the Reading hour?

August 20, 2012

Who are you going to spend the reading hour with, and what will you be doing for the reading hour?  Since the theme for August is question, it seems okay to be asking these questions.

Nice table top gaming tableIf you are asking what is the reading hour, have a look here.

The answers to how will you spend the reading hour, and who will you spend it with will be easy to answer if you have young children, as you will be spending it with them, reading.

If you don’t have young children (or even any children) there are still lots of social ways you can enjoy the reading hour.  You might invite some friends over for a time of reading.  You could go to a local cafe or pub (with some friends or family) and read in public.  Be really creative about what you consider reading.  Could you watch a film with subtitles or try a table top role playing game?  Both of these options involve lots of reading.

Tweet what you will be doing using #readinghour and #nyr12 (or you could let us know via a comment on this blog).

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  1. August 24, 2012 1:11 pm

    Reading Hour activities will be carried out across all Parramatta City Library Branches on Saturday morning. At the central Library, Parramatta, NYR ambassadors will join the community to read poems, and children’s books from 11am -12noon in a cosy space, with morning tea. A Reading Hour Photo Competition – Who do you read to, is on. The readers are invited to send photos when they read to their children, their pets, or read through Skype, or to themselves.
    Join us at Parramatta Library.


  1. Reading hour is today «

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