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Discover Reads wrap up: Twitterchat reading recommendations

August 2, 2012

Lots of new genres, books, authors and even new ways of reading were discovered throughout the twitter chat on Tuesday night. Romance, classics, crime and Australian writers seem to top the list of reading discoveries this month.

  • Ebooks came in for an early mention, including the discovery of many classic titles.

“Just got new phone can readebooks on, so can #discover all classics I never got round to reading (but will now cos they’re free!)”. Jenn Martin

  • New things to read are discovered in all different places, emails, blogs, twitter streams and the twitter reading group, of course!

“I always finish these nights with a full reading list for the next month-really enjoying discovering new directions” love2read.

  • There were disappointing discoveries –

” A disappointing discovery was finding out about #johanleher making up quotes #nyr Ellen Forsyth

  • Discovering  reading,  readers and  titles to try  from goodreads.

” though discovery  the shifting dynamic between readers, reviewers,critiques and authors is fascinating” Vassiliki Veros

  • Discovering non fiction for reading leisure

“this month I tried reading non-fiction for leisure..lots to #discover about scientific studies on how students learn best” Theopinionchair

  • Discovering different countries through picture books
  • Discovering reads enjoyed as a child when child reads them.
  • Ultra portable reading
  •  New ways to read try “The Mongoliad”
  • Discovering goodreads and librarything as discovery tools for books, reviews, etc.
  •  Twitter.

“#twitter  definitely a big discover for me inspired by other readers” Cheryl Murphy

  • New genres

” I tend to get stuck in a particular genre-good for me to be pushed to discover different reads” love2read

  •  Discovery of new cooking styles and techniques

“Love Luke Nguyen” Jenn Martin,  “I discovered how to make prickly pear jam” Ellen Forsyth, and “sesame lavosh crackers from the Not quite Nigella blog. Yummo and cheap too” Helen Cowen.

Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals – discover if  you cook them in 30 mins?

  •  Australian writers, both women and men, lots of fans of crime, written by Australian authors

“Do think books mean different things at different times of life-good to #discover what works for you and just enjoy it all” love2read.

Most retweeted 

Discover Australian Fantasy:wrap up #aussiefantasy #nyr12 Thanks for your support, tweeters<3.”

“enjoying that #NYR12 is encouraging me to #discover new genres(romance) and authors(Neil Gaiman). love2read

“I have to give a shoutout to @booksadventures for tweeting about work by @profmdwhite et al superheroes and philosophy” Ellen Forsyth

Discovery of new genres

Romance , classics and crime topped the list, with Neil Gaiman,  followed by Jasper Fforde being mentioned frequently.  Lots of Australian Authors to discover!



Australian fantasy

Austtralian women writers

Mewdieval romance

Time travel romance

Fiction titles

Lots of books, of different genres, including lots of Australian authors

The mongaliad

Jane Eyre

Anne of the island

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

A pound of flesh by Alex Gray (crime writer)


Wilkie Collins

Next best thing “I was heartbroken with Next Best Thing. One of the few romances where I wished they wouldn’t get together’ Vassiliki Veros

Somebody to love

Until there was you

Perfect Catch

Life is a verb by Patti Digh

Charlie all night

My fathers island by Mattingley

The strange case of  Dr Jekyll andMr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevensom

Gormanghast by Mervyn Peake”Gormenghast-a blast from the past! Think I read that in my teens, something of  a struggle I recall!” Cymeneed.

Abbey girls series by E.J. Oxenham

Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy by Kristen Beyer ‘So enjoyable are now reading sequel” Ellen Forsyth

The mistake by Wendy James “Hidden pregnancy & missing baby trope dramatises tensions amongst Aussie classes” Elizabeth Lhuede

The Red Queen by HM Brown.  “HM Brown exploration of viral pandemic in ‘The Red Queen’: gender politics, survival,breakdown of morality” Elizabeth Lhuede

And then there were none by Agatha Christie

Old KIngdom chronicles by Garth Nix

Watch out for romance by Sylvia Johnson “Contrasts 60’s  Sydney childhood with post 9/11 responses to terror” Elizabeth Lhuede

The boundary by Nicole Watson

The Eyre affair by Jasper Fforde

Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin

Noodle pillows by Peta Mathias “An older book but a lovely read…journey thru Vietnamese food + culture” Helen Cowen

1222 by Anne Holt

The old school by P.M Newton

For my Lady’s heart by Laura Kinsale

A hatful of sky by Terry Pratchett

Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan

Picture books

Murafo’s beautiful daughters by John Steptoe

Mirror by Jeannie Baker

Non fiction

Why students don’t like school by Daniel Willingham

How the mind works by Stephen Pinker

Pure vegan by Joseph Shuldiner “yummy fresh and delicious photos” Helen Cowen

The naming of the dead  by Ian Rankin (listened to on E & audio Follow him on twitter @beathhigh)


Predominently  romance, crime and Australian authors

Agatha Christie “What more canI say. You *need*!! to read the Poirot mysteries and Miss Marple series. They are so good”. theopinionchair.

Dorothy Sayers

L.M Montgomery

Cassandra Claire

Neil Gaimon

Alex Gray (crime)

Jennifer Crusie (romance)

Kristin Higgins (romance)

Nicole Alexander
 Geoffrey McGeachin (Australian crime writer)
Caitlin Moran

Sara Foster

HM Brown

Wendy James

Rebecca James

Sylvia Johnson

Anthony Trollope

Janet Evanovich

Kristin Higgins (Romance)

Jasper Fforde “Do you like Jasper Fforde? I think you’d approve of the libray services in the latest, they have a paramilitary wing” Jenn Martin.

Connie Willis

Margaret Mahy

J.K Rowling

Peter Corris (crime)

Sulari Gentill ( Australian crime writer)

Angela Savage (Australian crime writer)

Jaye Ford (Australian crime writer)

Kirsten Tranter (literary crime)

Michael Connelly (crime)

lyn Kurland

Bryce Courtney

Anita Heiss

Kate Grenville

Hazel Edwards

Kel Robertson

Marsha Canhams

Elizabth Lowell

Websites, apps, blogs, twitter streams etc

Hootsuite “Great for managing all your diff twitter accountsisn’t it-and ability to schedule leaves more time for reading! Jenn Martin

Storify- Read the twitterchat from Tuesday night.


HuffPo huffington post

CBCA Notables “Great tool to discover new aussie #kidlit #yalit authors” ALIA CYS

Inky’s longlist

Rural romance writers and readers facebook

Discover Australian Fantasy wrapup

  Australian Women Writers 2012 reading challenge

Davitt Awards, announced 1st September

Tumblr “I really enjoy tumblr, mainky as a way to follow blogs, but I have foiund some really fun things on it” EllenForsyth

Bray’s book shop blog

Terese Cutter the healthy chef. “healthy options for good food” Helen Cowen

@boingboing “interesting ideas for reading” Ellen Forsyth

Canberra Readers Festival

Urban Times-    theurb,com/




Futurity .org “To discover new science related stuff “Jan Holmquist

@newscientist “I really enjoy what I can discover through science reading” Ellen Forsyth

@brainpicker: 20 of new Yorks finest writers on the magic of Central Park” Jenn Martin

Bookreview of Dreams of Stardust by Kurland. of…

Evernote food app.

Rural romance writers and readers facebook

National Year of Reading Reading hour 25 August, 2012


My Country by Dorethea Mackellar

” Enjoying dipping into daily poem with @ozpoems-just little nibbles, not too indigestible Nice discovery “. Love2read


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