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Destination dreaming…

June 27, 2012

Well I’ve just done a quick staff poll and it appears that our dream destinations are as varied as the books written about them.

Similarly though, everyone has more than one favourite and a list that includes destinations that have been visited, destinations still to visit, destinations to re-visit and the once in a lifetime dream destinations.  There’s the weekend destinations, the we-must-visit-the-family-destinations, the I’ve won the lottery dream destinations and the we’re driving past anyway so let’s drop in destinations. We are all tempted  by a Lonely Planet or three, the 1001 destinations you must visit, sail, trek before you die and visions of sunshine, palm trees, exotic food markets, magnifient scenery and ancient buildings.

They say the world is getting smaller, only 24 hours from here to Europe now. So it’s easy for our dream destinations to become not if, but when.

Here’s our dream destination list, well a few of them anyway. I  did say it was a quick poll and anyway, we’re off dreaming about the rest.


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