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Day dreaming distractions

June 18, 2012

No mucking about today. I have a list:



Cook soup

Tidy pantry

Sweep out garage

More than enough to keep me busy.  I start with the washing but see some of the daffodil bulbs by the laundry door are sideways in the pot. Do they grow allright sideways? Should I replant them? I come inside see what the garden magazine recommends. Ahh, nothing there, but there’s a wonderful vege garden article that I read and start visualising my spring plantings. I doodle a little drawing on the notepad, think about last year’s baby rabbits, will they return this year…. with all their families? I will have to become Mr McGregor!

Enough. Hang out the washing. At the clothes line I see that the liquid amber is dropping all it’s leaves into the fish pond. In previous years the pond has been netted… will the rotting leaves hurt the fish? I sit on the side and pull out as many leaves as I can reach. I feed the fish. I watch some gulping down the food, others just lazily swimming around in the murky water. I laugh to myself as I recall a question from a small friend. ” Are the fish happy?”  There’s about forty in the pond now, from the original three. Yes, I think they’re happy. I come inside again to google fish + leaves + poison. Hmm, think they’ll be ok.

Oh yes, the washing.

Now, will I cook carrot, potato and leek or minestrone soup? What else would be yummy? Maybe there’s inspiration in the pantry, I’ll tidy it as I look. Hmm, chick peas, lentils, a bit of rice, tomatoes and a jar of artichokes. What would Bill cook? Or Maggie? Or Jamie? Moroccan maybe, yummy and warming. I return the artichokes to the pantry…actually it’s not too untidy. It’ll do.

Ok.  Next. I go to get the car keys, but you know what?  I’m not going to sweep out the garage today. It’s too windy. It’s too windy to vacuum too, and the soup can be pot luck. I’ll chop some veges really quickly and it can simmer on its own.

I’m going to make a pot of tea and sit in the sunroom. I’m going to watch the white cockatoos dancing in the wind, swooping and screeching. I’m going to dream about being up there with them, close to the clouds. I’m going to read my books and maybe even count some sheep, but best of all I’m going to ignore the list. It’s way too much of a distraction from my day dreams.


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