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Dreaming of Barry

June 17, 2012

It is Barry Manilow’s birthday and everyone should celebrate with a Barry Manilow Karaoke session.

I have had a small (eeny teeny weeny) obsession with Barry Manilow for many years. I would buy his albums, read and reread his lyrics, I went to his concert and read his autobiography, Sweet Life, several times over. See, he wrote the songs that made the whole world sing. And he wrote the songs that had my whole family singing along (rather badly) in the car. He wrote the songs that had us all swaying from side to side while belting out his melodies. Songs such as I can’t smile Without You, Copocabana and fabulous Could it Be Magic which has inspired covers by Donna Summer and Take That.

In his autobiography, I remember a number of interesting things that twenty years later I still remember such as his producing Bette Midler’s The Divine Miss M, his love for jazz music, his primal scream therapy and his bankruptcy. These troubles seemed to be incongruous to his happy, joyful music and I could imagine that for many artists, writers, poets and lyricists their moods and troubles are reflected in their writing. I’m sure Barry has many sadder songs, but even those are tinged with happiness such as I Can’t Smile Without You.

So if I am feeling down, or having a slightly down day, I play some Barry music and I feel happy even for a moment.

Thank you for those beautiful melodies and Happy Birthday, Barry.


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