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I dream of Manolos

June 15, 2012

                                     I have spread my dreams under your feet;

                                    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Excerpt from He wishes for the cloths from heaven, W.B.Yeats.

I have always loved shoes.  As a child I chose the expensive ones – my mother would sniff  unappreciatively and say “unfortunately, you have inherited your father’s taste” .  I’d wander around the shoes in David Jones, smelling the leather, running my hand over the designs, the stitching and drooling over the colours. “In your dreams” mum would say and so I did. Dream. Of shoes, boots, sandals. Leather, suede, high heels, flats, runners (hmm, sometimes).  When I started working, oh yum, my own money, my own shoes…

Shoes tell us historical tales (after a long night in very high heels, mine tell hysterical tales). Fashionable, functional. Comfortable? Colourful. Our social standing may be judged by our footwear. So can our creativity, our sporting prowess, our budget, our personalities and our committment to the fashion of the moment.

So what’s your dream footwear? If you need inspiration (seriously?) or you’d like a history lesson,

Read some of these:

The seductive shoe: four centuries of fashion footwear by Jonathan Walford

Shoes: the complete sourcebook by John Peacock

Footwear design by Aki Choklat

A fashionable history of the shoe by Helen Reynolds

Manolo’s new shoes ed. Thames & Hudson  – 170 illustrations! 155 in colour!


The wonderful wizard of Oz

All chick lit fiction

listen to this:

Blue suede shoes by Elvis

and watch this:

Kinky boots with the yummy Joel Edgerton

Now it’s winter I’m wearing my boots, ankle, knee-length, high heels, flat and the uggies. I’ve put away the ballet flats, the wedges and sandals til, oh, well till it gets warm again. Although I did just purchase a nice little pair of leopard skin flats  for spring… and I dream of owning a pair of Manolos… or Jimmy Choos… Really I dream of owning any shoes where the decimal point on the price tag initially looks like it is in the wrong spot… and I dream of the terrifyingly high Christian Dior sandals I once owned and wore out.

Now they were a dream to wear.


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  1. June 15, 2012 8:33 am

    Helen, I think you are in the wrong profession for dreams like that! My Mum took me to the UK when I was two and when everyone had kicked off their shoes and was trying to sleep I wandered the plane, putting on whichever shoes took my fancy , abandoning them when I found some I preferred. When we landed, the owners of nice shoes couldn’t find them! I also considered a colouring in book finished once I had coloured all the shoes.

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