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Dream of baking bread

June 13, 2012

One of the nicest smells is that of newly baked bread.  I like baking bread and I like reading bread recipes so I can decide on new recipes to try, or to find old favourites to vary.

Dan Lepard, an English baker, writes very interesting bread books, and if at present you dream of baking bread, following his recipes can move this dream to a reality.  The handmade loaf provided detailed information about making sourdough bread, and many interesting possibilities to bake.  Would you make bread using the juice from a gerkin bottle?  I tried this recipe with picked onion vinegar which gave a lovely savory bread.  Even if you never bake this book is enjoyable because of the stories Dan Lepard connects to each bread.  The story may be a hint, or history or some other way of connecting you with the idea of making bread.  Short and sweet by the same author also includes interesting bread recipes.  This title has other baking options such as some incredible fruitcakes, many other cakes (I have not tried the bourbon brownies recipe but it is on the ‘to bake’ list) and biscuits.

As a way of exploring if Dan Lepard is your kind of baker, have a look at his writing in The guardian.

Jamie Oliver is another keen bread baker.  You may want to explore Navaho flatbread, a very easy and barbeque friendly bread.

Even of you don’t want to think about baking bread, you can dream of possibilities by looking at this bread alligator from The Holy Hand Grenade!
Bread alligator


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