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Travelling North

June 11, 2012

Winter in Australia is the time of year when many creatures (notably whales and birds) travel to warmer northern climes. For us who are left behind it is often that time when we dream of the places we’d like to be – where the sun is a balmy caress and the breeze a soft whisper (not a force10 Antarctic gale coming straight off the south pole).

In our hearts and dreams we travel north:  exploring the heartfelt travel writing of modern explorers and adventurers, travel guides, nature guides, atlases (my personal favourite), and the like.

This month where are you travelling to?


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  1. June 12, 2012 5:30 pm

    Well CatyJ, I am one of those people being blasted by Antarctic gales but I am heading to sunny San Diego for a fortnight travelling around Southern California, then attending a conference on technology in schools.

    I will certainly be thinking of my friends and relatives back here in the coldish climes of Tasmania. I reckon it will still be cold when I return in July …….. where I will remember the warmth of the USA.

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