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Dreaming futures

June 3, 2012

Each and every one of us catches ourselves on occasion dreaming of something different in our lives – a new house, a new job, a holiday, that perfect coat (red of course). Quite often we are able to satisfy those dreams by achieving those very things (trust me you can never have too many red coats), other times our satisfaction comes from reading about them (which is delightful in itself).

Lately I have found myself doing quite a lot of reading as my eldest son contemplates his future.  As any 15 year old his dreams and plans change on an almost daily basis, yet lately he has returned to his dream of joining the Navy.  Now, I know nothing about the Navy save what I have gleaned from watching re-runs of NCIS and JAG, so in lieu of joining the Navy myself to find out what it’s all about the next best option is of course a terabyte of searching and loads of reading.  It seems however that I am doing all the reading (which is natural I guess given that I’m the worry-wort mother in this scenario).  But the process itself has got me thinking about our futures, our dreams, and the reading that goes with them.

What challenges us the most as we plan and dream of particular hoped-for futures is lack of information about that future -because we simply do not know what it holds. But we can do something about going into that dreamed of future with as much fore-knowledge as possible – and thus we read. Currently I am not reading Navy literature to be inspired myself, I am reading to be informed and to help my son make the decision that is right for him, to realise his dreams.

It is satisfying to read for my own future dreams, it is rewarding and terrifying both to read for my child’s.  Yet I am so glad that I am.

What have you been reading lately that has inspired your future dreams? Or, like me, are you reading for the future dreams of a family member of friend?


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  1. June 4, 2012 12:42 am

    I’ve read so much Sci-Fi that I can’t think of the future that doesn’t have spaceships. The only time I’ve ever really thought about the future was when I was reading travel guides and looking at maps.
    I used to read political news to try to judge the future but it rarely needs to get things right so it rarely does.
    However I’ve been reading a lot of books about relationships, about love and families recently and that’s got me thinking about the future, property speculation and prices have shown me an idea of where I might live one day. Things are like that, everything you read in someway lets you know about where you might be going.
    Next year on May 10th there is a solar eclipse I want to see in North Queensland.
    On July 22, 2028 the CBD of Sydney will get an Eclipse and I want to see that too.

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