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#Escape wrap up: Twitterchat reading recommendations

June 1, 2012
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 A great discussion was held Tuesday night with theme of “Escape”. Here is the twitter chat wrap  with some great reading recommendations.

  • Romance, crime, YA, Fantasy, science fiction novels, plays, subtitled foreign films.
  • Trashy escapes “My trashy #escape is Gossip Girl series!Seriously.” David Green
  • escape reads are not just fiction, they  can be vegetable gardening books, recipe books, food, cookbooks, interior design books, real estate websites, patch work books, travel books, biographies and modern fashion.
  • Knitting books. “Knitting books are a fantasy read for me:) love them but am totally inadequate in the execution!” Helen Cowen.
  •  Recipe books using pasta. ‘The art of pasta is an escape into it’s artwork as well as the recipes” Helen Cowen
  • Dragons: “Dragons are a mainstay of escapist fiction. I love that they cross cultures” Vassiliki Veros
  •   Crime novels may be escape fiction, But not true life crime. “Crime novels can be great #escape reads from ‘down these mean streets’ to country estates and different time periods” Rachel Franks
  • Travel writing including Parisian memoirs, and visiting places mentioned in books.  “a superb escape for me. Particularly funny ones” Vassiliki Veros
  • Google maps “I would never want to return to a world without google maps” Vassiliki Veros
  • Cartoons/comics “are really fun. You form close relationships with the characters & #escape into their world due to drawings” theopinionchair
  •  E books, the pro’s and con’s  – Tweakability, can be adjusted to large print, but “the story can end almost unexpectantly, because you can’t see how many pages are left”. theopinionchair
  • “ebooks are awesome for small hands or arthritic hands” Suzie Eisfelder
  •  Twitter reading. “Twitter reading is great. Slim plot, great characters” Vassiliki Veros
  •  Other escapes-“Escaping from my assignment by watching my Mum’s fashion parade of hand-me-downs” Pam Langridge
  • Other worlds “I can #escape to reading about other worlds-real and fiction…travel in time and space…About cities and landscape…” Jan Holmquist

Most re-t weeted posts

‘There’s something special about the word #escape too. Evocative, persuasive, imaginative thrilling…” Helen Cowen

“Reading with kids may be the ultimate escape! Love the excuse to sit down with great kids books-so many of them…” love2read

“They have recognised my “Happy Place” look. My eyes glaze over, I say ‘aha’ and ‘thats nice dear’ with a book in my hand.” Vassiliki Veros

Fiction Titles

Shadow on the glass by Ian Irvine

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes “I love the imagery. Dark and beautiful.” Nadine Maloney.

The Belgariad by  David Eddings

Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson

Mallorean by David Eddings

Earth Children series by Jean Auel

Abbey Girls series by E.J Oxenham  “I always wanted to stay in the Abbey, and do dancing with them, despite my three left feet” Suzie Eisfelder

Across the nightingale floor by Lian Hearns “Felt like an escape into another country/culture” love2read.

Ride with me by Ruthie Knox ” a cycling romance travelling on the TransAmerica trail” Vassiliki Veros

My side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

The Phoenix files by Chris Morphew (YA dystopian)

Dirt music by Tim Winton

The turning by Tim Winton

Blueback by Tim Winton

Cloudstreet by Tim Winton

William Shakespeare’s Plays “stories that stood through the test of time and are still relevant” Kate Byrne


Agatha Christie “Luv to #escape to the Agatha Christie era don’t mind seeing people bumped off in that setting:). Cheryl Murphy

Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood “Escape into crime and an earlier era, and the TV series helped too”  Helen Cowen



Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Shannon Stacey

Victoria Dahl

Ruthie Knox

Rachel Gibson

Historical Romance

Julia Quinn

Eloisa James

Cecilia Grant

Mary Balogh

Category romance

Sarah Mayberry

Karina Bliss

Anne McAlister

Liz Fielding


The magician by Raymond Feist

“I love how Fiest can just keep peeling back more and more and yet more layers in the meta-physics.” Wade Bowmer.

“my mind boggles at Fiest’s ability to unravel and never confuse the reader” Cheryl Murphy

Dragon Books:

Temeraire by Naomi Novak “Temeraire is alternative history. Dragons during the Napoleonic wars. Pretty cool. Full of action.” Vassiliki Veros

 Eragon by Chris Paolini

Beowulf  by Robin Hobb. ” Beowulf is brilliant, really like the Seamus Heaney translation, great ripping yarn for #escape. Ellen Forsyth.

Discworld by Terry Pratchett – “Discworld has dragons, but they tend to explode when upset.Some people use them for lighting cigars” Suzie Eisfelder

Rainwild series by Robin Hobb

Dragon riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey “What were the little dragons that sat on your shoulder called???! I so wanted one!” love2read.

“Fire-lizards. I always wanted one too!” Wade Bowmer

Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling

The Wizard of Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin

Dragon picture books

Hunting for Dragons by Bruce Whatley

Sir Laughalot by Tony Mitton

The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch

Emily and the Dragon by David Cornish

“There are clearly not enough Dragons in my life…” Rachel Franks

Childrens books

Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl

Pippi Longstocking  by Astrid Lingred

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

The adventures of the Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton

Famous five series by Enid Blyton

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll

Muddleheaded wombat by Ruth Park

The Teacher took my tennis ball by Libby Hawthorn

Comic books:

Captain America

Snoopy and friends

Archie Andrews

The Guild Fawkes


Paul Auster

Matthew Reilly

Charles Dickens

Brent Weekes

Tim Winton

Travel Authors:

Bill Bryson

Peter Moore


One magic square  by  Lolo  Houbein “Lets you escape into gardening 1sqm at a time”  Theopinionchair

Newspapers and magazines:

The Age

Feast magazine

Jamie magazine




Websites, blogs, bloggers, tweet streams and games Childrens books for all ages

Googlemaps “Its amazing how clear Google Maps street view is. Really lets you #escape to almost anywhere! Young Adult books

Apartment therapy

Design Sponge

Modern fashion escape:

What the maid servant wore – Two nerdy history girls


Sword and sworcery game “lovely game, great sound track, with occasional, pithy text” Ellen Forsyth

World of Warcraft






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