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Escape into a world beyond imagining ……

May 16, 2012

I’d much rather read than do the household chores – who wouldn’t? Most of the time my reading is simply for the sheer pleasure the act gives me, it’s relaxing and pleasant. Every now and then, though, a story comes along that so absorbs my attention that I am simply blown away by the world I am reading about. To be honest, these have mostly been epic fantasy fiction tales – Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Black Prism – where the constructed worlds are so beautifully designed, developed and huge yet also believable and true and possible …… and I surely am there right beside the characters sharing their experiences. That’s my best escape.

Escaping into a world beyond imagining can be so much more than reading a book though. Let’s not forget those amazing worlds on the big screen we can so easily lose ourselves in for a few hours.  Some of my favourite movies include Lord of the Rings (as directed by Peter Jackson), The 13th Warrior (starring Antonio Banderas), Willow (directed by Ron Howard), Die Hard 4.0 (starring Bruce Willis), Rio Bravo (starring John Wayne & Dean Martin), Star Wars (created by George Lucas), Harry Potter (written by J.K. Rowling) the list goes on and on. What is common to all these movies is the way they have taken a story and visualised it in such a way to capture & hold the audience. Many of us have books we go back to and movies we’ll watch again and again and again. Why? Because they’re like old friends, comfortable and worn, because it’s relaxing to visit and knowing how the story ends does not detract from the story itself.

Then of course they are the games. I will quite happily escape into the Halo universe whenever possible. Not so much to get to that next level and unlock that next achievement but also to be back in that world, with those characters, exploring those stories. Indeed, playing Halo is what led me to read the books based on the games.

For me reading cuts across all mediums and genres  – book, movie, game, music, graphic……. And escaping into those worlds is where I love to be.

Where are you escaping to today?


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  1. May 16, 2012 10:16 am

    thank you for that Cathy, I escape regularly and as often as possible too!

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