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Feel Wrap Up: Twitterchat Reading Recommendations

April 30, 2012
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April 30th, 2012

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A fantastic twitter  book group discussion was held last Tuesday to chat about April’s topic of #feel. Here’s the list of fabulous reading suggestions from all our participants, and insights into how they feel about their reading.

Discussion points:

  • What have you been reading that makes you feel- titles, authors and topics listed below.

“Dislike reading books that will make you cry. They tear at my heart and it takes weeks to recover”.@VaVeros
‘Romances make you feel good” @VaVeros

“I can’t read books about cruelty/kidnapping of children. Makes me feel to uneasy” @13helenc

“Well written horror terrifies, comedy amuses, tear-jerkers make you cry. A well written book should make you feel” @VaVeros

  • Which of these are reading keys for you? Setting, Language, Characters, Type/Genre
  • The same reading can make us feel different.
  • We feel differently about people reading over our shoulders – usually creeped out or annoyed-there were some confessions of committing this offence!
  • Re-reading how does this make you feel?

“I think re-reading highlights the impact our experiences have on reading. Real life informs our reading reactions” @ellenforsyth

“Re-reading varies, some books have to be re-read again and again, others work well as one off reads only, both methods good” @VaVeros

  • Sports tweeting
  •  Why its good to discuss what you are reading (“The diversity of reading is what is exciting, so we can learn from others reading, some to try, some to avoid” @VaVeros)
  • Moved into some escape reading (“Love good fantasy-perfect escape! ” @lovetoread2012)
Most retweeted post:
“I dislike it when people are smug about their reading. I think reading tastes vary and its all valid. Don’t make people #feel bad”  @VaVeros


Room by Emma Donoghue ( “felt  sad, overwhelmed, disturbed, but it was uplifting at the end” @theopinionchair, “poignant, first few pages were odd due to POV” @ellenforsyth)

Interior design books and Real estate listings  (“feelings of envy” @VaVeros).

Mahalia by Joanne Hourniman (“Pulls on your heartstrings, you need  a tissue box” – Bev Novak)

How tea cosies changed the world by Loani Prior (“just looking at it made me feel happy” @ellenforsyth)

The memory tree by Tess Evans (“lots to feel about. Mental illness, Vietnam war womens rights (lack of) community and friendship” @13helenc)

Silk family series by Glenda Millard

We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver (“absolutely harrowing” @lovetoread2012)

Never let me go by  Ishiguro Kazuo (“Thought provoking and sad”@lovetoread2012, “unsettling and eerie” @theopinionchair)

The decisive moment by Johan Leher

Addition by Toni Jordan

Bro-magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (“funny, considerate, gorgeous” @VaVeros)

One magic square by Lolo Houbein (“makes me feel excited about vegie growing” @ellenforsyth)

Nargun and the stars by Patricia Wrightson ( “feel scared but excited” @SuzsSpace)

The nation by Terry Pratchett

Snuff by Terry Pratchett (“made me feel sad,happy,angry…was a brilliant read” @ellenforsyth)

The unknown terrorist  by  Richard Flanaghan (“Feeling it by having nightmares about it!” -Despina Swain)

Gone by MichaelGrant (“made me feel I had to finish the series”@SuzsSpace)

A Journey to Venice by Ruth Cracknell (“Made me feel incredibly sad, but uplifted from writing”@SuzsSpace)

Gardening/cooking books (“feel inspired” @ellenforsyth)

“Well written horror terrifies, comedy amuses, tearjerkers make you cry. A well written  book should make you #feel” @vaveros

Childrens books

The scar by  Charlotte Moundlic    ( “quite moving” @cllawrance)

Way home  by Libby Hawthorn

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

The lost thing by Shaun Tan (“makes you feel happy, sad and whimsical” @myleejoseph)

The very itchy bear by Nick Bland

Go away big green monster by Ed Emberley

Daddy’s having a horse by Lisa Shanahan

Old Hu- Hu by Kyle Mewburn

Waiting for mummy by Jun Lee

On Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta (“I nearly panicked yesterday when I thought I had lost my copy…”@bookthingo)

The velveteen rabbit by Margery Williams (“Remember sobbing (loudly) at a dinner party when host [read this out loud]. Definitely made me feel sad and very embarrassed” @lovetoread2012)

Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis

 Other Authors

Matthew Reilly (“A powerful action title should make you feel that you can’t possibly read fast enough to keep up with the story” @VaVeros).

Brent Weekes (“make reader feel with characters which could be  hard to like” @ellenforsyth)

Patrick Rothfuss

Simon Wheatcroft (“books/articles about people who inspire me and make me feel like I can and should do more” -Kelly Hall)

Shelley Taylorsmith

Tom Holt

Chuck McKenzie

Stephanie Alexander

Holly Kerr Forsyth

Santa Montefiore

A.A Milne


“I often feel inspired  by magazines” @TeenaLMiller

The Big Issue




Smith Journal

Dumbo Feather


House magazines in general

Travel magazines

Recipe magazines, books and apps

Web, Blogs, Bloggers, Tweet streams, Games:

manipalphotoblog.wordpress (“a picture says a thousand words” @theopinionchair) (“I feel impressed by this” @ellenforsyth)


Lunchtime Reading: Wearable muscle suit makes heavy lifting a cinch (“MMarchetta’s novels make me feel like I’ll never read a better book. Even when re-reading” @bookthingo)

#pandaria beta (“a new part of game, and new stories, and folk lore are part of it. Feel pleased can be part if it” @ellenforsyth)

#spbkchat Thursday 8pm!/jamiemagazine

from @guardian (Sports tweeting)

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