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Feeling colourful

April 16, 2012

It’s a cool one here this morning. Autumn is on it’s way and while it’s probably my favourite season, I’m reluctant to embrace it this year. I feel cheated, what happened to the warmth of summer? The chill has me reaching for the quilt on the back of the lounge, and contemplating what sewing to start next. I love hand piecing my quilts, I like the fabric, watching things blend and bounce amongst themselves. I love to feel the needle and thread moving through the fabric, to hear the snip of the scissors as I finish a seam, hexagon or applique block.
My technique is not perfect. My points and corners will never be held in high esteem by quilting judges. For me, it’s all about playing with the colours, cutting the cloth, moving things around to see what patterns emerge.

Janet Bolton,Kaffe Fassett, Elly Sienkiewicz,, – I love all their books. The Victoria & Albert textiles series, Quilts 1700 to 2010, Quilts of Provence, The American Quilt, Australia’s quilts, Anonymous was a woman and my very old but treasured Beeton’s book of needlework are a miniscule selection of my treasured reading. My eclectic reading is reflected in my quilts, Neither traditional or modern, they are quilts you can wrap around and snuggle under, even the dog has one (under supervision or he’ll eat it). They’re warm, cosy and great to hide under during scary movies.
As I watch my grand daughter sleep under the sampler, the one that will one day be hers, I realize several things:

I hope everyone has something in their lives that makes them feel as I do, when I’m lost in the world of colour and cloth.

I feel I’ll run out of time to create everything I want to and…

I should have used a lighter batting in that sampler. I feel she can’t move.


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