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The April twitter discussion is about reading which makes you #feel

April 1, 2012
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This month’s reading is all about emotions. What reading really makes you feel, or makes you think about your feelings and other people’s feeling. This could be the time to explore stories of romance and love, or read about exciting sporting moments. You may read about how to improve your performance in sport (or about sports people) as you feel the changes you need to make to be fitter.

This can also be a time to explore horror titles which make you feel fear… or thrillers, to explore feelings of suspense.

Feel Reading might also be about your favourite crafts, hobbies and interests, as you read about woodworking and think about the feeling of wood in your hands, or reading about wine/beer tasting methods and the feeling as you drink (and you might even be drinking as you read to help with the feeling).

Beer Bottle Cap Assortment

When you are reading, you might like to tweet using #NYR12 so that other people can have a conversation with you about your reading.

There will be a live twitter discussion 24 April starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss reading which makes you feel.

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