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Thinking thinking

March 12, 2012
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Think. It’s a word we use frequently, commonly and as easily as “a”, “the”, “and”, “but”. Have made thinking mundane?

Everyday we think

• I think I want coffee

• I think I’m going to be late

• What’s for dinner, I think there’s pasta in the pantry

Or sometimes we don’t

• How did I think that suited me?

• Why did I think that pink bathroom cleaner would actually smell anything other than, well, pink?

• Oh I didn’t think that would happen

So there’s the truth. Often we don’t. Think. It’s a verb. A “doing” word as my primary teacher would say (I think she’d be dead now though), or an adjective, or at times even a noun. So how and when do we really think?

The how you’ll need to sort yourself. The when is now.


Yes, March is for thinking and every library in Australia has heaps of stuff

• Books

• Ebooks

• Databases

• Games  Dvds  Music

• Etc etc

to help you get in your thinking groove. Pretty useful? I think so. Mosey on into your local library and this month, pick up something that will really make you think.

That’s where I’m headed, but right now, I think I need a coffee…


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