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Laugh wrap-up: Twitterchat reading recommendations

February 29, 2012

A fantastic twitter book group was held last night to chat about February’s topic of laugh. Here is a collection of the reading suggestions from all our participants as well as some discussion points.

Discussion points:

Not being sure that you should be laughing at a book as it wasn’t written as a comedy

Difficulty predicting/pinpointing what makes you laugh

Cringe/painful humour

Aust Discworld convention activities. We have a mini-con in Adelaide in July & regular con 2013

Laughing out loud on public transport/planes and feeling rather embarrassed

Following Twitter commentary enhances enjoyment of TV shows

recipe called Strawberry Wobbler


King of the Cross by Mark Dapin

Jerome K. Jerome. Three Men on a Boat

Circus the Australian story by Mark St Leon

Milligan’s meaning of life: an autobiography of sorts, by Spike Milligan & edited by Norma Farnes

Pride and Prejudice

Girl in the steel capped boots

The Half-Child by Angela Savage

Leave it to Psmith-PG Wodehouse

Going Postal/Terry Pratchett

‘Do Not Pass Go’ – Tim Moore’s

Lily Brett’s You gotta have balls


McInnis Worse Things Happen at Sea

Christine Stinson in Getting Even With Fran

Kandy Shepherd: Love Is A Four-Legged Dog & Home Is Where The Bark Is

Eat Me & The Infernal Optimist by Linda Jaivin

Shane Maloney who wrote the Murray Whelan Thrillers

Isolde Martyn’s The Lady & the Unicorn

Sirens of Titan & Breakfast of Champions

James Joyce’s Ulysses

Tim Moore’s French Revolutions

Victoria Dahl’s Talk Me Down

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum

Judith Lucy biography ‘The Lucy family alphabet

Wilde’s Importance of being ernest

Garrison Keillor’s Lake Woebegone

Gervais Phinn’s Over the Hills & Dales

Cold Comfort Farm

Sellar & Yeatman’s “history” 1066

Jet Lag travel

I am America and so can you

Uncyclopaedia of Rock

A short history of tractors in Urkranian

Kirsty Brooks – her Vodka Dialogue

The Mud House – Richard Glover

Gibson’s Sex, Lies and Online Dating

Aaronovich wrote for Dr Who

Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook

Dickens-  Bleak House

Our Mutual Friend


Bruce Whatley’s Little white dogs can’t jump
Andy Griffiths

Too Many Pears

Diana Wynne Jones /Tough Guide to Fantasyland & Chrestomanci Books

The big dig by Meg McKinlay

Roald Dahl’s “Boy”

Dahl’s MAtilda and Twits

Nick Sharratt’s funny illustrations in pic bks: Mr Pod & Mr Picalilli, Pants, Tiger Tales, Toddle Waddle

Cracking up and Falling apart , Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Sue Townsend – Diary of Adrian Mole

Keys to the Kingdom than the Abhorsen trilogy – Garth Nix

Mo Willems

Fancy Nancy books

David Melling

Tedd Arnold

Bruce Whateley

Sandra Boynton

Dave Hackett

Eoin Colfer

Jeff Kinney


MAD Magazine

Don Martin & Mad Mag.

Archie Andrews

Sergio Aragones

Glenn Baxter

Web, Blogs, Bloggers, Tweet streams, Games:


World of Warcraft



@charlotteshucks on Midsomer Murders








podcast by ClaireTomalin on Dickens


Rachel Gibson

George Bernard Shaw

Graham Chapman

Douglas Adams

Oscar Wilde

David Sedaris

Jamie Oliver

Laurie Notaro

Jennifer Crusie

Janet Evanovich

Matthew Reilly

Tom Holt

KinkY Friedman

Nick Earls

Peter Temple

Terry Pratchett

Rik mayall’s autobio

@LisaHeidke Stella Makes Good

Kurt Vonnegut

Nora Ephron

Melanie La’Brooy

Adrian Plass


Arrested Development

Modern Family

Peep Show



Ben Stiller

Bugs Bunny

early Woody Allen


Cold Comfort Farm

Nora Ephron

When Harry Met Sally

Adam Hills


Top Gear

Richard Glover

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