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Children’s Books to Make You Laugh by Tania McCartney

February 14, 2012
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photpgraph of Tania McCartneyOne of the very best ways to encourage literacy in children is by using humour. Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and Andy Griffith’s phenomenally successful line-up of books (among a kabillion other talented authors including Michael Wagner, Morris Gleitzman, Wendy Harmer, Andy Stanton, Colin Thompson, Dave Hackett, Andrew Joyner, Tedd Arnold and Babette Cole) are testament to that.

In a world of perpetual virtual entertainment, many modern kids are becoming short on focus, particularly where reading is concerned. Like the instant spell check on their computer screens, reading skills are becoming more ‘fed’ than self-taught and self-honed.

As a result, books are relying more and more on those ‘extra’ elements to reel in readers – everything from parallel websites, themed trading cards, games and other ancillary products. Whilst I would never poo-poo anything that got kids reading, in any capacity, my personal preference for reeling kids into a more self-driven literary world – is humour.

The following books have always made me laugh out loud. Sure, parts of the story may have been not so funny (sad, even), but there have been many a titter, a giggle, a smirk, even a guffaw whilst enjoying those fabulous tomes.

There’s something here to make your toddler laugh, your middle-schooler laugh, and your teen laugh – and most importantly – make them fall in love with reading.

Enjoy. And do leave a comment and let us know your funny finds!

Oh No, George! By Chris Haughton (Walker Books)

The Undys Series by Michael Wagner (Puffin)

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates series by L Pichon (Scholastic)

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth by Katz Cowley (Scholastic)

Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray (Orchard Books)

The Floods series by Colin Thompson (Random House)

The Twits by Roald Dahl (Puffin)

It’s a Book by Lane Smith (Walker Books)

Bumface by Morris Gleitzman (Penguin)

I Want my Hat Back by Jon Klassen (Walker Books)

Just Tricking! by Andy Griffiths (Puffin)

Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems (Walker Books)

Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire by Andy Stanton (Egmont Books)

The Daredevil Book for Cats by Nick Griffiths (Arcturus Publishing)

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French (HarperCollins)

Farticus Maximus: Bottomus Burps of Britannica by Felice Arena (Scholastic)

Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement (HarperCollins)

The Iddly Widdly Fiddly Poo by Daniel Corcoran (Daniel Corcoran)

The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee by Adam Wallace (JoJo Publishing)

My Dad Thinks He’s Funny by Katrina Germein (Black Dog Books)

Never Use a Knife and Fork by Neil Goddard (Macmillan)

Some Dads… by Nick Bland (Scholastic)

UFO: Unavoidable Family Vacation by Dave Hackett (Puffin)

You Will Be My Friend by Peter Brown (Little, Brown)

Tania McCartney is an author, editor and founder of Kids Book Review. She is an NYR12 ambassador for the ACT and has a fixation with paper and anything that’s put upon it (particularly if it’s done by kids or FOR kids).

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  1. February 23, 2012 3:11 am

    i still love to read children books. i don’t really like adult books too much because they are more intense and they talk about everyday problems which to me isn’t that interesting. no offence. i have loads of books that no adult would ever read again but i still do. do you have any books that you love but people would laugh at you if they find out you were reading them?

  2. Maureen O'Shea permalink
    February 28, 2012 8:19 am

    I’m looking for more funny books, so this is timely. My son, then 11 or so, loved anything funny. We also enjoyed Don’t Pat the Wombat by Elizabeth Honey, and the Kiggy McCue series by Michael Lawrence.


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